Police Executives Media Relations

A Dynamic Police Media Relations Training Event!

Instructor Chris Ryan candidly discusses real world issues facing today’s progressive police executive


  • Secrets & tricks reporters don’t want you to know
  • Twitter, Face Book & My Space are changing police forever
  • Finding the best PIO (Public Information Officer) for your dept.
  • 1-word guaranteed to save your a#% in an interview!
  • Update: The changing face of news media
  • Why your ‘open-door policy’ could be a career killer
  • Tactical Police Media Relations
  • Videos: Good, bad & ugly of police media interviews
  • Emergency responses to tough media questions
  • An eye-opening look inside a television news room
  • 5 surefire ways to say ‘no comment’ without saying it
  • Reality check: Perception is everything!
  • PIO – Uniform or civilian?
  • The ‘Real World’ of aggressive reporting and media ethics

Police Executives Media Relations

$179 per person – Limited seating available

Info: E-mail or call 602-445-6442

Unconventional – Candid – Progressive Instruction

Instructor CHRIS RYAN

A well-rounded and diverse background in international business, law enforcement, municipal courts, radio and television, give Mr. Ryan tremendous insight into his work and communications with clients and the news media…

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Police Community Relations In-Focus

Police and Sheriff’s Departments are most effective and successful when protect and serve has police community engagement in-focus. Law enforcement agencies that are highly focused on engaging their community see almost every contact with the possibility of making a connection. When connections are being made at every turn, it provides opportunities to dispel a myth, change a perception, start a conversation or ask a question. Police Community Engagement as a priority works.

I’m realistic and understand that it’s challenging to think of police community engagement when officers and deputies are oftentimes dealing with unruly people, complicated and dangerous situations. It’s a bit of reprogramming and rethinking but it’s also a moment to take a step back… reprocess things from a community engagement perspective. We’re building something special, one brick at a time. It’s one thing to simultaneously protect and serve while engaging the community, there are creative ways to get it done…

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Police Must Be Properly Trained Regarding Community Engagement

Community engagement is something that has always been important when it comes to police interaction. The police are there to protect and serve, so the…

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Why Police Community Relations Training Is Needed

In any community, the police play a big role. They protect the streets and work with the community to create a good environment. It is important that the police have good…

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How Police Departments Can Use Social Media To Communicate Better

How Police Departments Can Use Social Media To Communicate Better One of the best things about social media is that it makes it a lot easier to communicate…

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